Women Painting (All Over the World) at MEAM Museu Europeu d’Art Modern

It is a dream come true and an immense honor to have been invited by the MEAM Museu Europeu d’Art Modern in Barcelona, Spain to be part of such a meaningful exhibition, Women Painting (All Over the World), and I wish the circumstances were different, so I could travel and attend the inauguration and meet up with all the other artists. Hopefully next time I’ll be there!

Resilient Like Bamboo, 2020.

Oil on cradled wood panel.

24 x 18 inches.

The opening reception will be held at 7:00pm (19hrs) on Monday, March 8th, coinciding with the International Women’s Day, and it will run until May 2nd, 2021. Entrance to the reception is free, but requires a reservation.

The exhibition includes works by more than 78 women artists from 25 different nationalities, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Chile and more.

This the third time the museum has organized an exhibition to highlight the role of women in figurative art, historically dominated by male artists, and to encourage future artists to develop their artistic careers. Some of the artist exhibiting this year are Froydis Aarseth, Omalix, Mary Jane Ansell, Tanya Atanasova, Teresa Brutcher, Kamille Corry, Erica Elan Ciganek, and the Barcelona-born Miriam Escofet, who in 2019 was commissioned to paint a portrait of the Queen Isabel II who was unveiled last year.

Beyond the exhibition, the museum will organize parallel activities until the end of the exhibition such as forums, webinars, conferences and workshops. Visit www.meam.es for a complete schedule of activities or to purchase the catalog of the exhibition.

Here is the complete lineup of magnificent participating artists:

      • Froydis Aarseth
      • Rasha Alem
      • Ofelia Andrades
      • Mary Jane Ansell
      • Omalix 
      • Daniela Astone
      • Tanya Atanasova
      • Elizabeth Barden
      • Virginia Bersabé
      • Kelly Birkenruth
      • Melinda Borysevicz
      • Teresa Brutcher
      • Elena Burykina
      • Ali Cavanaugh
      • Valentina Ceci
      • Vania Comoretti
      • Amaya Corbacho Martín
      • Kamille Corry
      • Cortés Antequera
      • Catherine Creaney
      • Stephanie Desphande
      • Rosa Diaz
      • Michelle Doll
      • Erica Elan Ciganek
      • Teresa Elliot
      • Miriam Escofet
      • Alba Fabré Sacristán
      • Soledad Fernández
      • Nanette Fluhr
      • Tanja Gant
      • Isabel Garmon
      • Arina Gordienko
      • Jaq Grantford
    • Patricia Guzmán
    • Natalie Holland
    • Molly Judd
    • Claudia Kaak
    • Victoria Nare Karapetyan
    • Lorena Kloosterboer
    • Stanka Kordic
    • Francien Krieg
    • Brianna Lee
    • Celia Liberace
    • Kathrin Longhurst
  • Almudena Mahiques
  • Sandra Malvar
  • Carmen Mansilla
  • Arantzazu Martínez
  • Christina Mastrangelo
  • Josefa Medina López
  • Luisiana Mera
  • Milixa Morón
  • Annie Murphy-Robinson
  • Michele Murtaugh
  • Agnieszka Nienartowicz
  • Kaja Norum
  • Kim Peters
  • Susana Ragel
  • Megan Read
  • Stephanie Rew
  • Nadine Robbins
  • Anne-Christine Roda
  • Viktoria Savenkova
  • Sara Scribner
  • Zarina Situmorang
  • Carolina Souss
  • Victoria Steel
  • Susanna Storch
  • June Stratton
  • Vicki Sullivan
  • Lesley Thiel
  • Christina Troufa
  • Kasia Uminska
  • Lola Vendetta
  • Patricia Watwood
  • Anna Wypych
  • Marta Zapiraín
  • Sofia Zuluaga