Women Painting Women: The Tales We Tell Together at RJD Gallery in NY.

I’m thrilled to announce that my painting Bird of Paradise is part of the upcoming show Women Painting Women: The Tales We Tell Together at RJD Gallery in NY. 

 Opening Night Reception: Saturday, October 10th 

 Oct 10 – Nov 14, 2015 

 RJD Gallery, 90 Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York

This is the third year RJD Gallery hosts a group exhibition dedicated to female artists painting female subjects, and I feel so honored to have my work among the work of such a wonderful group of artists. 

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For many women, art can serve as their voice when they want, deserve, and need to speak. We are thrilled to again have an opportunity to provide a venue for these women to share their souls, their hearts, their stories, and their talents. Last year over 250 works were submitted from women around the globe, including artists from Spain, Russia, Mexico, China, Canada, and from across the USA. We look forward to another experience of the incredible energy and affinity created when women are both the subject and the speaker. 

Featuring the Following Artists and Works: 

 Laura Atkins – Best Intentions 

Nancy Boren – The Dressmaker 

Rebekah Bynum – Hello Kitty Defender 

Kristine Campbell – Safe 

Deborah Chapin – Invincible 

Candice Chovanec – Chloris and Flora, Against the Wind 

Stephanie Deshpande – Let the Cards Fall 

Carla Falb – All American Girl 

Shana Levenson – Power 

Sylvia Nitti – Girl in Water 

Isabel Olivares – Autumn 

Omalix – Bird of Paradise 

Cindy Rizza – Patchwork 

Beth Sistrunk – Duality 

Rebecca Tait – Duplicity 

Rea Whalen – The Tall 

Daryl Zhang – In Her Skin 

 In addition we will also exhibit the artwork of our gallery artists: 

 Mary Chiaramonte, Teresa Elliott, Tracey Harris, Haley Hasler, Pam Hawkes, Andrea Kowch, Rachel Mosele, Katie O’Hagan, Odile Richer, Margo Selski, Adrienne Stein, Sherry Wolf, and Pamela Wilson.